The Infinite Youth [2016-10-02

  • Medieval Steampunk Handmade Epaulettes

  • Fur Collar Shawl Fashion Couture

  • Leather Peacock Handmade Earrings

  • Vintage Key Handmade Earrings

  • Cameo Handmade Earrings Victorian Era

  • Leather Fringe Handmade Art Earrings

  • Lady Like Earrings Victorian Glam

  • Abstract Contemporary Art Jewelry/Pendant

  • Leather and Textile Collage Necklace Bib Steampunk Costume Abstract Jewelry

  • Unique Extra Long Necklace Steampunk Antique Collage Leather Necklace

  • Lace Earrings Marie Antoinette Rococo Inspired in Lavander Lilac Shade

  • Infinity Black Knit Neck Warmer Circle Knit Fashion Scarf with Military Chic Applique

  • Edwardian Victorian Ruffled Jabot Choker High Black Neck Corset Tulle Layeres

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