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The Cult Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Designer eyeglasses by WOW Barbie

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Ray-Ban sunglasses have appeared in 1929 when Bausch & Lomb Company has received the order for creation of special glasses which should protect eyes of pilots from blinding shine of the sun and ultra-violet beams from, thus providing an image high definition for eyes. So were born legendary sunglasses «Aviator»...

Aviator"s Sunglasses

Aviators were proud of the sunglasses and did not remove them not only in air, but also on the earth, drawing to itself general attention. Among civilians there was an enormous demand for glasses "as aviators".

Legendary sun glasses by WOW Barbie

In 1937 has begun the batch production of Aviator and was born a trade mark the Ray-Ban. Such name has been chosen to underline the technological novelties presented by these lenses, capable to protect eyes from intensive light and from harmful sun rays.

Ray Ban forever by WOW Barbie
Wayfarer by WOW Barbie
Sun glasses by WOW Barbie

In 1952 the company has departed from traditional metal designs and has created rigid plastic glasses under the brand name «Ray-Ban Wayfarer». At this time in the USA the jazz, swing and rock"n"roll everywhere reign. Fashion magazines write about a style and rest. Sunglasses should be not only reliable, but also stylish. Ray-Ban sunglasses immediately adapted for fashion trends, and with the courageous line of Wayfarer — became the legendary cult.

Ray-Bay is a Legendary Sunglass Brand!

Fashion brand by WOW Barbie
Ray-Ban by WOW Barbie
Ray Ban Wayfarer by WOW Barbie

Already more than ten years the most known sunglasses in the world are made in Italy by company «Luxottica» which has completely kept the production technology of lenses and has added set of new models. And thanks to the US adv agency «Cutwater» the brand always trims the sails to the wind constantly changing fashion-trends.
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The Cult Sunglasses: Ray-Ban + youth fashion