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A chain rain by WOW Barbie

The chain rain by WOW BarbieThe rain chain by WOW Barbie

Time is now growing worldwide popularity of so-called a rain chains, which are much more beautiful option for accumulation rainwater than conventional gutters. Among the many original ideas for the house, they are quite ancient, their motherland is Japan.

Usual Chain, but Unusual Look

The rain chains are spread all over the world, presenting an opportunity for all people to use the unusual design of the usual things. Such chains rain — offer many opportunities for developing imagination and realization of creative ideas. It can be like a normal chain of traditional weaving, mounted directly below a roof of house.

Also, the accumulated rainwater can be used for watering house plants. Functional and beautiful rain chains will be real gem of country house and garden plot. They will help make the exterior of house as something incredible.

Simple mounting makes easy fixing to any system for effective rainwater accumulation. And sending the water directly into beautiful bowls, vessels, bright colorful barrels for water will be directly to the target.

The rain chain may consist of a variety elements in the form of funnels, bells, fish, tea cups and saucers, teapots, umbrellas, flowers, flowery different weaves, etc. Just look what a beauty!

A rain chain by WOW Barbie
Fish chain rain by WOW Barbie

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Simple Chains Magic + review