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Yorkshire Terrier — Independent, Fearless And Inquisitive Dog!

Siberian husky and Yorkshire terrier

Despite the miniature size a Yorkshire terrier is very smart and gallant dog. A sort of a big dog in a fragile body... Terrier from York — a companion dog, and his sole purpose and meaning of life — your love and attention. And main, the Little York will ready to follow his master to the end of the life. Generally, it is not peculiar to all small breeds of dog, but a Yorkshire terrier — very loyal and devoted dog.

Yorkshire Terriers on a Walk

Two Yorkshire terriers and Siberian husky

Also, a Yorkshire terriers are not devoid of qualities inherent also for a big terriers. They are the same: irresistible, independent, fearless and curious dogs. Therefore, don"t let them «float freely» at the time of walks: first he could hunt the birds, and then — to pounce on a big dog, as though protecting your person.

Breed «Yorkshire Terrier» ranks second in the world in terms of popularity, and one of the first — «specially for the dog show», because, a tiny size very perfect for the dog training.

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Yorkshire Terrier — Independent, Fearless And Inquisitive Dog! + youth fashion