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Jabot-collar from "Tchaikowsky" Collection - "The Black Swan" SOLD OUT

The "Tchaikovsky" Collection is inspired by the "Black Swan" movie (2010), the two characters from "Swan Lake" are the focus of the collection and they "appear on stage" as expressive drawings.

The pendant represents "The Black Swan" character, an original drawing made by artist.

Jabot-collar made of precious lace with metallic effects, decorated with a lot of applications, bronze chain with a hand painted pendant, beige-cream tulle.
The jabot is adjustable by its satin ribbons, it attaches at the neck and it wears with a shirt or blouse.

Jabot length: 20-21 cm

Order Code: JB 14

PRICE: 96 lei

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Jabot-collar from "Tchaikowsky" Collection - "The Black Swan" SOLD OUT + tulle